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About us
Since its foundation in 1992, AL-ANOUTI has assisted a distinguished list of clients by providing accounting, tax, auditing, financial and management advisory services. The hallmark of the firm's practice is personal service, sensitive and responsive to each and every client, regardless of size. AL-ANOUTI has the established practice of working closely with its clients to anticipate, identify and resolve their issues, and help make their business more profitable.
Personal Service is of a paramount importance for AL-ANOUTI . Every client deals personally with a partner who is responsible for professional advice and the supervision of his work.
Continuity is also emphasized with partners providing guidance over the years and becoming actively involved in the planning of the client's business development.
The practice has important roots in Beirut. It maintains regular contacts with financial institutions such as merchant banks, stock-brokers, insurance companies, and leading institutional investors.
The success of any business rests on the quality and dependability of its people.
The importance of recruiting high caliber staff is recognized and the practice looks for individuals with a mature, flexible outlook who can identify problems quickly and propose sensible solutions. Both graduate and non-graduate personnel are recruited and in this way a valuable mix of skills is built up.
Excellent training facilities are provided and there are ample opportunities for greater responsibility to ensure worthwhile careers that will retain the most capable.
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